Headphones are another smart way of connecting with music, movies and more. Headphones and earphones come in two variants; with chords and wireless or with Bluetooth access. Headphones and earphones come in small and portable sizes hi-performance and powerful sound. These portable gears are not only stylish and have sporty gears but are also a preferred branding option.

Select your material
HPS/EPS are made of a combination of hi quality plastic, rubber and powder coated or coloured metal. The material is tough and durable. The sound source is covered with Premium quality sponge or rubber. There some options with water proof materials as well.


Select your shape

These Bluetooth speakers come in various shapes.


Model availability
The HPS/EPS have different models and every model has different sizes and colour options. The colours options are based on the availability of stock.
Some models come in a master packing of 2 to 3 colour options and it becomes mandatory for the client to buy an assortment of all the colours.
Standard models and colours are in stock and available most of the times.

Branding & Design Customization
When it comes to branding, it can either be printed, laser etched, or stuck.
The placement can be done anywhere on the speaker body and packaging.


Minimum order quantity (MOQ)
We can customize a single HPS/EPS, as well as large quantities from our ready stock.
One can order as low as 2 dozens pieces per colour per model or as the master packing may be.

Send a gift  
Make someone feel special by sending them a gift.  
The gifts are placed in cloth, velvet pouches or cardboard paper boxes depending upon the shape and size of the order. Along with large order gift wraps, we are happy to do individual gift wraps as well.

The colors visible on the screen may differ from the product color.
Prices are subject to availability and market rates.
Most of the articles being imported, the style and models may vary due to the market demand.
Models with newer features and innovations also affect the availability of older models.
Availability on first come first basis.

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