Writing Instruments
Writing instruments offer as one of the most economical and effective vehicle for branding and is considered as a noble gift too. Pens are small and easy to carry, the modern day pens come in fancy colours shapes with added utilities. Pencils, highlighters, markers, etc are significant and are present on every desk.

Select your requirement

Select your material
Metal and plastic combo


Select your pen
Ball point
Gel pens
Ink pens
Jotter pens

Select your multi utility options
Two in one to four in one (offering different colour inks)
Two in one (offering pen with pencil option)
Three in one (offering pen, pencil and Eraser /marker/torch/ stylus)  
Four in one (offering pen, pencil, marker and Eraser/torch/ stylus)
Banner pens
Stylus Pens
Pen with note holder clip.

Branding & Design Customization
When it comes to branding, it can either be printed, laser etched, embossed or stuck.
The placement can be done on the barrel or the top of the pens or packaging or anywhere on the article as per one’s requirement.

Select your colour
The colour pallet is based on the design selected. Standard colours are available and these keep changing as per market demands.

Minimum order quantity (MOQ)
We can customize a single pen, as well as large quantities from our ready stock.
One can order as low as 50 units per colour per design.
Customized pens with different variations can be designed as per one’s requirement.
Special customized shapes, colours and designs will require a minimum quantity and the quantity can only be determined by the kind of model selected.

Send a gift
Make someone feel special by sending them a gift.  
The gifts are placed in cloth, velvet pouches or cardboard paper boxes depending upon the shape, size and order quantity. Along with large order gift wraps, we are happy to do individual gift wraps as well.

The colors visible on the screen may differ from the product color.
Prices are subject to availability and market rates.
Availability on first come first basis.

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