Umbrellas are an excellent choice for branding.  Most corporates prefer investing in umbrellas as they not only serve during monsoon but in summers too. Rain or Shine Umbrellas have got you covered!

Select your style
Single colour
Two colour combo panel
Three colour combo panel
Multi colour panels
Reverse umbrellas
All umbrellas are made from water resistant and water proof materials. Reverse umbrellas and multi-colour umbrellas are subject to stock availability as they are imported.


Select your material

Select your handle

Branding & Design Customization
When it comes to branding, umbrellas can only be printed. The placement of the logo can be done anywhere on the umbrella or the cover as per one’s requirement.

Select your colour
Here we could show the colours instead of writing the names.
White, Black, Red, Navy Blue, Grey, Royal Blue, Green, Maroon and Yellow. These colours are available in premium and economy range. You can even customize your Umbrellas by giving us a Pantone shade number or by simply providing us with a paper or fabric shade reference.  
These are available in solid colours, stripes, prints, camouflage and checks.

Minimum order quantity (MOQ)
We can customize a single umbrella, as well as large quantities from our ready fabric stock.
One can order as low as 100 pieces per colour per design.
Customized umbrellas of any specific colour will require a minimum of 300 pieces per colour.
Special customized sizes, colours and designs will require a minimum quantity and the quantity can only be determined by the kind of fabric selected.

Sizes offered
Regular folding size 24.5”
Small folding size 21”
Small three fold size 21.5”
Long stick size 23”
Jumbo size 30”
Square / Hockey size 23”
Garden umbrella sizes – 36”, 40”, 42”, 48” 54” and 60”.

The colors visible on the screen may differ from the fabric color.
Prices are subject to availability and market rates.
Expect up to 5% shrinkage tolerance in 100% cotton garments.
Availability on first come first basis.

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