Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum order quantity can be from 1 piece to 1000 pieces and more depending entirely on your requirement, the prices are pegged on quality and quantity, Tip – larger the quantity better the price.

Most of the articles are Made to order. We keep upgrading Promotional articles with the latest models available. The popular models are usually in stock.

Prices of products depend upon market factors and keep fluctuating with demand, season, change in raw material prices, transport prices, dollar/ rupee rate and government taxes.

Most of the products have warranties (replacement or repair depending upon the product). But some imported articles they may not have warranties at all.

All the products can be customized with your branding. In imported articles and articles requiring large MOQ’s colour customization or design change may not be possible.  

Designs and colours are actual images of the product. However sometimes colours appear different than actual and the dimension may appear different due to angle of the image.

All our fabrics are premium, yet cotton garments have a tendency to shrink. Although we provide an extra margin to control the same, up to 5% shrinkage tolerance is globally accepted norm. Tip – wash in cold water for minimum shrinkage and do not wring the garment.  

Yes, all garments fade, due various reasons

  1. Washing in harsh detergents (detergents that contain bleach),
  2. Also while giving for dry cleaning, one must specify no bleach
  3. Exposure to direct sunlight while drying.

Tip – for slow fading wash your garments inside out (Reverse) in mild detergents with cold water and dry them inside out preferably in shade.

Some dark colours like Red, Violet, Royal Blue, Bottle green, Magenta etc. may run excess colour. Tip – it is advised to wash Dark and extra dark colours separately.

Good question? Always reverse the garment inside out and wash them. Tip – Never iron directly on the decorated area (printing or embroidery), nor scrub or squeeze the decorated area/garment.

You have a wide variety to choose from – Printing – Plastizol, Pigment, Khadi, Sublimation, Digital and Discharge; Stickers, Embroidery; Appliqués and patches.

The placement of the same can be either:

  1. a) At the front. (Chest / pocket or bottom)
  2. b) At the back (shoulder/center/ bottom)
  3. c) On the Sleeves

Yes, you can create/customize your own design. For cut & sew design you can mail us reference images.  

To enhance the garment, you can avail our Customize Now option to choose garment colour and place your logos /design /branding. You may also opt for contrast collars/armbands, tipping on collars and armbands or reverse collars/armbands in 2 different shades. You can customize your message or insert images and clip arts. In case you want a particular font you please mail us the same.

Ideally we require15 working days to produce order after (P.O.) formal confirmation and the necessary advance received. Some specific styles with heavy patterns or large quantities, or customized fabric may take longer time.

Delivery within Mumbai limits is usually free. We deliver the goods via rail/road/air depending on your destination and urgency on a To-Pay basis. Since delivery schedule are very important you are requested to consider the climatic conditions and allow us sufficient production time to deliver a quality product.

Yes, we do deliver outside India along with logistic charges in USD.

All quotations are valid for 15 days from date of estimate/Performa Invoice. All rates and are subject to changes in market prices of yarn, fabric, other raw material rates, transport charges, packing material and government taxes.

  1. a) For printing we need a CDR (corel draw with convert to curves or publish to service bureau and an open file) or an EPS file with text converted to curves.
  2. b) For embroidery a high resolution JPG file will suffice. In either case a physical colour printout is required with colour and design size and its placement specified.

Please note that a proper colour reference is required in form of a Textile Pantone shade no. or a printout or fabric swatch with colour standard specification duly stamped and signed along with the P.O.

Every order goes through strict quality checks and we assure that the print will stay on your Garments. But the same is subject to the natural use, wear and tear. For better caring of your garment please refer above to FAQ no.3 and no.5.

Fabric is a crucial component for manufacturing of any garment. We use fabric from certified vendors only. These fabrics are tried and tested and our staff is well versed with the consumption and other norms and hence we discourage customers offering to bring their garment or fabric. This avoids conflicts and rejections.

 Yes, definitely, you can get paid samples. Initially the sampling charge may appear costly, but upon receiving your confirmed order along with the necessary advance the same is adjusted and absorbed in the bulk order quotation. This adjustment will vary from order to order depending upon the style and quantity. 

Yes, as the Pre-production sample may be a couple of pieces, hence there can be temporary screen exposed for printing, or quality and colour of the garment made from the existing stock. During the Bulk production a sample is sealed with all comments from the buyer are considered and matched to the requirement of the order.

Yes it is very much possible to have additional pieces ordered within 3 to 5 days of the delivery. However there can be a price difference depending upon the decoration on the garment, also the exact same shade fabric or the print/embroidery colour may be difficult to match.  We recommend you to order some extra pieces while placing the initial order itself, as it may not always be possible to make an additional quantity later at the same cost as the bulk order quantity. Tip – We always suggest accepting a tolerance level of 5% (+) in the quantity.

Yes we have a size set for trial; the same can be made available upon request against a deposit. As the samples are returned we shall refund the said deposit. If any samples are lost or damaged the same shall be charged.

Coping or duplicating registered brand names or logos is illegal and accounts to infringement of trademark. Any Copyrighted name, Trade Mark, Logo is a property of the said owner/ user and unless you have been granted in writing to use the same, it is illegal. We refrain from all such activities.

We follow a strict confidential and secrecy policy. At no time will we reveal any design or order details of any of our clients. We understand the trust bestowed on us and will always respect the same.  

Payment Options available are:

  1. Cash
  2. Net Banking(R.T.G.S. & N.E.F.T)*
  3. Cheque*
  4. Demand Draft*
  5. Credit card*
  6. Pay TM*

*Subject to realization.