Business houses large and small prefer to have standard size mugs in order to serve beverages to employees, clients and guests. Serving beverages in branded mugs is not only effective and economical but also has a long lasting brand recall.

Select your material


Select your style
Magic mugs – It changes colour when a hot beverage is poured
White or black mugs with different colours on the inside  
Self-stirring mugs
Cookie mugs
Mugs with heart shape handle
Mugs with air tight lids
Spout with cover
Mugs with straws
Travel mugs
Travel mugs with car chargers
Easy wash and dish washer friendly mugs

Select your shape
These mugs come in various shapes.
Kids mug with animal shaped handle

Branding & Design Customization

When it comes to branding, it can either be printed, laser etched or stuck.

The placement can be done anywhere on the body, bottom and packaging.

Allover printing is also an option.


Select your colour

White and Black with white patch.
We also have options with the outer colour, inner colour, or handle color being different.

Model availability

The Mugs come in different models and every model has different sizes and colour options. The colours options are based on the availability of stock.

Some models come in a master packing of 2 colour options and it becomes mandatory for the client to buy an assortment of all the colours.

Standard models and colours are in stock and available most of the times.


Minimum order quantity (MOQ)
We can customize a single mug, as well as large quantities from our ready stock.
One can order as low as 6 dozen pieces per colour per design.
Customized mugs with different variations can be designed as per one’s requirement.
Special customized shapes, sizes, colours and designs will require a minimum quantity and the quantity can only be determined by the kind of model selected.

Sizes offered
The sizes of the mugs vary from

6 oz
14 oz
Send a gift
Make someone feel special by sending them a gift.  
The gifts are placed in cloth, velvet pouches or cardboard paper boxes depending upon the shape and size of the order. Along with large order gift wraps, we are happy to do individual gift wraps as well.

The colors visible on the screen may differ from the product color.

Prices are subject to availability and market rates.

Availability on first come first basis.

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